TRLCD006: Smuds – Mulm [Coming Soon]

Treetrolla Records proud to present its next sonic message, a small collection of strange compositions inspired by nature, made with technology.

Absolutely improbable sounding from Danish psytrance musician, Rasmus Leth more known as Smuds, in his debut ep “Mulm”!
This musical voyage consists of 6 tracks in the key of forest-organic psytrance, with sound, which is characteristic of our gang.

Mulm describes that which is hidden in the dark of the night and the decomposed organic material of the ever turning wheel of nature. It represents that which is intangible, that which is percieved as dead but ultimately serves life.

Smuds – Mulm will be spreaded as digital only through Treetrolla Records bandcamp store, also it will be available as limited edition of 80 selfmade compact disc copies for collectors & fans.

We hope that the music will touch a right string in your essence.

Have a nice trip & stay forest side!


01 SMUDS – Mersenne Twister
02 SMUDS – Circular Argument
03 SMUDS – Funkdown in Romseytown
04 SMUDS – Soromonger
05 SMUDS – Flying Sorcerer
06 SMUDS – Cybernetic Piss

Digital preorer since October 14, 2016

Releases both digital and CD on November 1, 2016

All tracks programmed & executed by Rasmus Leth, 2016
Photography & Design by Rasmus Leth
Layout by Inessa Dyukareva & Vasyl Sagaidak

Mastering by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-Studios

Released by Treetrolla Records, 2016

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