Treetrolla Records is an underground psychedelic trance record company that was born early 2009 to promote talented artists from around the world in the unique key of magic forest trance. Treetrolla Records is based in Odessa – Ukraine and created & managed by Vasyl Sagaidak and a tribe of friends. Our mission is directed towards development of psychedelic trance culture, creations of high level audio stories, creative growth and support for new talented sound scientists. Our idea is first of all an introduction of psychedelic spirit to all people who identifiy themselves as fans of insinuating and whispering sounds, and connecting people on a level of energy with nature, ethnic and mystical experiences. Psychedelic music in our definition is a a key to infinite open spaces of a fantastic world of sound imagery and mythical beeings occupied in sounds. Music will speak with us since the first moment with deep basslines, spheres, gargling water, magic thrills, and flickering shades of mysterious beeings of the forest, attracting open spaces of the tangible world of a psychedelica. We do not put quality on the foreground as that vibrations it transfers is the keystone to success. We consider the idea of the composition itself as the most important.