VA – Umcherrel II – the backwoods baizeCompiled by Vaska & Seki-Kmeki

This time we are knocking at your doors of perception with new VA to follow some baize from the backwoods.
Here is a new potion with a bunch of trippy stories, which for ages were the ancient free matter flying around the small hats beyond the pine-trees high in the mountain-forest, and now, finally, thanks to magicians in their studio, it was turn into the hypnotic sound waves.
These days we decided to turn back to the night source, and follow the Umcherrel tale with a new compilation consisting of 10+1 tracks which transmit new vision of psychedeilc field that is full of shamanic mysteries from the forest depth.
The backwoods baize is calling us to the forest like mother’s voice whispering lullaby to a child, to a state of between a dream and a reality.
As you can suppose, you will see here some shadowy abstract forest psychedelic trance music with trippy atmosphere,
experimental touch and slight of twisted sunset vibe, where each composition is a unique world with its own breath, rules and legend.
We hope you’ll enjoy the trip and will get pleasant musical experience. Stay forest!

Mastered by Overdream Studio
Artwork by Dimorphic

Release date: dec 2015
Limited edition, 300 copies digipack cd’s.
Distributed by Beatspace

Sincerelly Yours
Treetrolla Crew.